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2008-April 28: America's Forgotten Hostages

2008-April 28: NY Sun: Hostages of FARC

2008-March 29: AP: Richardson travels to Colombia for hostage negotiation

2008-March 24: MIAMI HERALD: Senator risks life, career to free FARC hostages

2008-February 15: XINHUA: U.S. urges Colombia's FARC to clarify conditions for hostage release

2008-February 14: PRESS TV: US urges FARC to free US hostages

2008-February 13: PRENSA LATINA: FARC Lays Out Terms for Exchange

2008-February 12: REUTERS: U.S. families hopeful of Colombia hostages release

2008-February 12: REUTERS: FACTBOX-Key facts on Colombia's FARC rebels, hostages

2008-February 7: NEWSWEEK: America's Forgotten Hostages

2008-February 2: THE MIAMI HERALD: FARC kidnapped U.S. man, son's life at home


2007-March 26: REUTERS: Colombia's FARC would accept US lawmakers in talks

2007-March 22: REUTERS: Colombia backs U.S. lawmakers' hostage-swap proposal

2007-March 8: Hostages' Families Fear Military Rescue

2007-February 28: Colombian president rules out amnesty for leftist rebels

2007-February 23: Five years on, Colombian symbol of kidnap nightmare

2007-January 31: U.S. diplomat supports military rescue of kidnapped Americans in Colombia


2006-October 4: Uribe prepared to meet FARC

2006-August 23: Colombian rebels say hostage exchange at a standstill

2006-January 27: Colombia to vote on hostage swap


2005-November 27: Colombia: International commission formed to mediate prisoner swap

2005-November 21: Colombia 'seeking' hostage talks

2005-November 11: Colombian Government to Hold Talks with Guerilla

2005-October 20: 'Exchangeable' war prisoners

2005-September 16: Rebels reject offer on prisoner-exchange talks

2005-September 9: Colombia reaches out to rebels on hostage exchange

2005-September 8: Hostages' Frustrated Families Keep Faith

2005-August 24: Colombia Accepts Church Mediation for Civil War Stand Off

2005-August 10: Colombia agrees to meet with FARC on exchange of imprisoned rebels for hostages

2005-August 4: Colombia hostage demands rejected

2005-July 27: Colombia seeks hostages' release

2005-July 22: Colombian rebels free soldier in gesture on hostages

2005-June 28: U.S. Nixes Colombia Rebels' Hostage Swap

2005-May 16: Hostages are alive, say Colombian rebels

2005-May: Sundance Channel broadcasts "Held Hostage in Colombia"
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2005-March 1: U.S. Says It Has Not Forgotten American Hostages Held in Colombia

2005-February: History Channel International broadcasts "Americans Held Hostage: The First Interview" For more info. go to History Channel International

2005-February 11: U.S. Demands Release of Three American Hostages Held in Colombia

2005-January 3: U.S. Dept. of Justice Press Release on Extradition of Colombian Rebel


2004-December 31: Top Colombian Rebel Extradited to the U.S.

2004-July 1: The Invisible US War in Colombia

2004-March 22: Schakowsky Warns Bush Administration Against Expanding the Number of U.S. Military and Private Military Contractors in Colombia

2004-February 17: "On Point" Radio Program on Private Sector POWs in Colombia and Interviews with Experts, Families and Filmmakers of "Held Hostage in Colombia" LISTEN to Program

2004-February 14: Colombia: Private U.S. Operatives on Risky Missions


2003-October 8: CBS 60 Minutes II broadcasts Segments on "Forgotten Hostages"

2003-October 8: Kidnapped Americans Plead for Negotiations

2003-October 8: INDIEWIRE Article on Filmmakers and DVD Release

2003-February 25: U.S. Demands FARC Release Captured Americans